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Hi and welcome to my little corner of the internet where I post about the Yogscast. If you have any gif or edit suggestions just send me an ask ^^ Have a wonderful day!

i am a dwarf and i’m digging a hole (x)

a wild Honeydew floats across you dash!

a wild Honeydew floats across you dash!

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Some InTheLittleWood appreciation puns. [part1

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considering the recent Martyn hate on the GMod Murder video here’s some Martyn appreciation posts from GMod Murder. [part 2]

Hearthstone is an actual physical board game played in pubs [x]

Hello, friend.

Hello, friend.

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Hey, Im making a yogscast montage (live stuff only, no game footage) and was wondering do you have any special bits you would like to see or some of your favourite live stuff, over all the channels?

The Don’t Starve Challenge was great so I think that’s my favorite live thing they did but the Watch Dog Challenge from today is also really good and also all of Kim’s Blooper Reels, hmmm there’s actually a lot of really good life stuff :D 

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Duncan uses super special software here [x]

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doodled up some voltz fanart real fast because why not

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I did want to join the army at one point, but that was short lived.

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